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Competitive 1

Build an aerobic base, develop speed, strength and develop and consolidate sport specific skills

  • Ended
  • 180 Canadian dollars
  • Location Millidgeville North School, Upper Gym

Service Description

Technical Skills: Refinement of all strokes. Fast and efficient court movement and positioning. Can read the game and make good shot selection. Has a basic game plan and executes it. Adapts game for different opponents. Full understanding of badminton rules. Tactical Skills: Develops awareness of their own attributes and weaknesses in creating their own "player identity". Initial awareness of opponents skills begin. Physical Capacity: Key stage for building aerobic endurance and whole body speed. Formal strength training towards the end of stage. Mental Skills: Self directed goal setting. Intrinsic motivation strategy followed. Visualization and activation strategy developed and used. Life Skills: Develop greater independence and take responsibility for training. Balances individual needs and team requirements. Solid self esteem.

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