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Learn all fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills

  • Ended
  • 140 Canadian dollars
  • Millidgeville North School, Lower Gym

Service Description

Technical Skills: Fundamental movement skills in play and multiple sport participation. Focus on agility, balance, coordination and speed. Hitting the shuttle with a racquet. Tactical Skills: Understands placing shuttle where teammates can and opponents can't reach it. Anticipates movement of shuttle and of players and adjusts their own movements accordingly. Physical Capacity: Development of speed, endurance, strength and flexibility through active play and sport. Longer bursts of activity with rest between. Mental Skills: Ensure a positive learning environment, that children understand everyone fails at times, and failing is important to learning as long as you keep trying. Introduce simple goal setting such as "can you jump over this rope". Perform games and activities that require rapid change in the player's focus, holding multiple pieces of information in mind at the same time and readiness to move without moving until a signal is given. Games of imagination help prepare the child for later visualization and imagery activities. Life Skills: Develop self-confidence. Understand that effective learning includes failing and trying again.

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